Mexican Kids Loteria Theme Shirt: LA LUNA

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Mexican Kids Loteria Theme Shirt: LA LUNA

Loteria is a Mexican game commonly known as "Mexican Bingo" and has been played for generations. The game uses images on a deck of cards instead of numbers on ping pong balls.

This is a classic shirt for your kids to wear on the weekends at a "carne asada" or a barbeque with family. The loteria-theme apparel is a unique product for everyone. With loteria shirts, anyone can proudly wear their alter ego and Mexican heritage with the character or object they identify with.

"La Luna" (The Moon) is perfect and humorous for all occasions. A weekend out at the mall, happy hour, family parties and events, and even for a sibling combination with “El Sol” or “La Estrella”. Please visit the rest of our store for more designs and an opportunity to wear the entire collection.

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